Friday, March 04, 2016

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Should any of you wish to learn the special techniques of how to build models like the ones shown below, I have produced a large number of "how to" downloads.    The following link is to the full catalogue.
Please click on any of the front pages, and scroll down a bit after it opens, to read the synopsis of each one.   Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a button is provided in the synopsis for Paypal or cards.    The prices range from Free of Charge, to a maxmim of £8 for a fully comprehensive download of 158 A4- size pages.   But a large number of them are priced at £1.49, less than the price of a cup of coffee. 
Here is a FREE download to get you started:
Amongst other things, it contains plans and building details of the Thames River tug SA Everard, pictured below:
SA Everard

Here is a link to a Utube presentation of the building of the model of the Sicily (above).

Very few hand tools are required to build these miniatures.    The rigging is all thin copper wire, glued on in short lengths.   There are no knots anywhere.   Downloads are available in the catalogue for more complicated models both sail and steam, but the above two are ideal for beginners who wish to get away from expensive large-size kits!     
Tuesday 2nd June, 2020
Today, I changed my facebook Group (Merchant Ships in Miniature) from Public to Private.     The full contents of this Facebook group may now only be viewed by members.  Here is the front page.   Anyone wishing to join, may apply here:  

The model above and also the ones shown below are no longer in our posession!

Marjory Glen
Tuscan Star
Imperial Star

Lord Ripon