Friday, March 03, 2023

 Saturday, 26th August 2023

At the age of 79, I have now retired from model shipbuilding! 

All my downloads detailing all my methods, and other nautical writings will remain available.    Here is  a link to the entire catalogue




Sunday, April 03, 2022

 Baron Vernon

Baron Vernon - Complete

Baron Vernon - Complete

Click on the images below to enlarge them.

Click the link above in brackets { } to view the synopsis.   Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a button for Paypal, debit or credit cards for £2 is included in the synopsis.   By purchasing a download, you will not be subjected to an endless stream of SPAM, as I never chase anyone up to purchase the downloads!

The plans are at 25 feet to 1 inch, that will produce a model with a hull length of 14.5 inches.

Baron Vernon

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Practicum on how to build the schooner Julia

 Learn how to make a small model of the topsail schooner Julia with the £1.99, 44-page download - plans included

{Link to Download Synopsis}




Monday, October 04, 2021

Steam Collier Gorsefield - 1922 - 1958

Gorsefield  profile plan

 Monday, 4th October, 2021

 My latest completion, the British steam collier Gorsefield - The light was going as I completed it late this afternoon, but I hope to obtain better ones tomorrow.   Click the images to enlarge -  



Monday, June 28, 2021

 The complete download catalogue my be viewed via this link:

{Miniature Shipbuilding Manuscripts}

Click on any front page, and scroll down a bit after it opens to read the synopsis.   The, if you wish to purchase a copy, a price is displayed, and a button provided for Paypal or cards.   If printed out, these downloads will make an A4-size document.   Some of these downloads are free of charge.

Many of these downloads contain detailed descriptions of miniature shipbuilding techniques for both sailing ships, or steamships.    They are confined to Merchant Navy vessels.    There are NO warships, although the techniques could no doubt be adapted.

Model shipbuilding plans drawn by myself are listed below in this blog.   They are a standard price of £1.99 each, about the price of a cup of coffee. 

By purchasing a download, you will not be opening the door to an endless stream of advertising SPAM, as I do not chase people up to purchase more.    

My last printed publication, cancerning my final years at sea, 1977 - 1992, as a merchant navy radio officer.    Now sold out, but still available as a download via this link:   Scroll down a bit after it opens to read the synopsis.   Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a button is provided for £4.99

From Good Hope to St Helena