Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Shelterdeck

The Shelterdeck, Issue 1 (September 2016)

This is the first issue of a download of the digital publication The Shelterdeck.     It concerns the history of the merchant navy (all countries), in stories and ship models.     This first  issue contains my brief CV, an account of a storm at sea in the 1850s, a short history of the Ellerman's cargo liner City of Bombay, and a constructional article, complete with plans, for the diesel tug S. A. Everard.  

Whether this publication continues will really depend on its reception.     I do not need any feedback unless you wish to send  it, as I can gauge the popularity, or otherwise, by the number of downloads sent out.    You will not be bombarded by SPAM, by downloading this document.    I will reply to any communications, but will be following a "speak only when spoken to" policy.     The links contained in it will all work as long as you are connected to the internet. 
This download is Free of Charge  {LINK}
The Shelterdeck, Issue 2 (October 2016
The second issue contains, amongst other things, a  General Arrangement and sail plan of the brigantine Mary Celeste, and a General Arrangement plan of the Elder Dempster passenger ship Calabar.    Here are the links to the first two:
The Shelterdeck 1 (Free of charge)  {LINK}
The Shelterdeck 2 (£1.49)  {LINK}
Clicking the above links does not commit you to purchase, but allows you to read the full synopsis of each download.   If you then wish to go ahead and purchase, a Paypal button is provided in the download, but issue 1 is still free of charge.    I have been advised that some people cannot see the Paypal button, or the synopsis.    After clicking the link, you initially see only the front page.   Scroll down with the mouse wheel to see the synopsis and Paypal button.